Friday, March 8, 2013


I have been doing some preliminary research on alternative therapies for Johnny to help some of the manifestations of Down syndrome. While there is, of course, no cure for Trisomy 21, there are a lot of ways to help with the way that extra chromosome presents challenges in his life. All the research I have seen suggests that the early intervention programs (occupational and physical therapy and later speech therapy) are helpful in the long run. Since those are already in place, I was seeking out information on two other therapies and wouldn't mind reader input.

One thing that is kind of "trendy" in Ds circles right now is essential oil therapy. Different oils are selected and placed on different parts of the body routinely in order to help with different physical ailments or to help with overall health or cognition. I am particularly interested in the cognition oils to help increase his memory and learning capabilities as he gets older. Oils seem like such a hokey, hippy idea though. Also, from what I understand, true/pure essential oils are expensive. Any thoughts?

The other therapy I am looking at is nutrition based. This was something that struck me to look into as I have read a few articles that link the rise in the number of diagnosis of autism with poor diet. There has been success with altering diet and seeing an improvement in kids with both autism and add/adhd. I really like the idea of nutrition therapy in a pure sense of altering his diet once he begins solids, rather than in a supplemental/vitamin based way. Research suggests that the extra chromosome produces different enzymes and proteins in the body literally leading to an imbalance. This imbalance can, in theory, be altered some by diet. Plus, looking at it in the simplest sense, it is very basic and common nutritional knowledge- lots of essential fatty acids, DHA, extra vitamin A, betacarotyne, and antioxidants. I will be looking a lot further into this because this is an example of a therapy or change that can't hurt. Being deliberate about having a lot of this nutrients in all of our diets will beneficial for our overall health regardless of how it changes Johnny's chromosomally related issues.

There it is...anybody know any ideas?


Cora said...

I read your blog through a friend's blog...

I don't know if you are familiar with Nurtured Family they are a christian local cloth diaper store and they offer a free essential oils class plus sell them there. Maybe they could help you make your decision.

The Howards said...

Thank you! I know exactly where that is, I appreciate you letting me know! Next time the girls are at MDO I will have to check out the class times and maybe peruse all of their other little goodies!