Saturday, March 9, 2013


I guess I technically missed a day of blogging...but if you define a day as the time you are awake then I still made!

My mom is a caterer and event planner and we had a mega event today. I told my mom I would work for her as I frequently do, this was a rather large event and she needed lots of help (especially from such a great and experienced worker such as myself). This morning rolled around and I really did not want to go into work. I had a ton of stuff I needed to get done, a ton more I wanted to get done, and I just didn't feel like going in. I had no choice however, my mom was counting on me. As I grumbled my way through the drive to Lake Conroe I let my attitude get worse and worse. When I got the venue I set to work, but kept my bad attitude. As I worked through different tasks, I continued this inner dialogue of how much I didn't want to be there.

About an hour after getting there, I stopped what I was doing and realized it was time to change that attitude. Matt and I are very fortunate that I do not have to work, that we have that luxury of me having the option to stay at home. So this income from working for mom is entirely for extra stuff or for saving for extra luxuries that we don't necessarily need. Not everyone can say that. Additionally, I tell myself that I like working for mom because I like to help her. And I do. And that is where my attitude shifted. If I was there to help, then I needed to be good with being there to help. My work would get done either way, but I would have a lot easier time if I made good with the fact that I was there and the work was good.

I need to remember this more often. I work really hard at making myself available to help others and I need to remember to be more joyous and happy in. I need to stop feeling like it is a burden or sacrifice and start genuinely feeling glad in that help.

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