Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Valentine's Day

I remember Valentine's Day distinctly in elementary school. Carefully picking out a shoebox to cover in construction paper and stickers. Trying to pick out my favorite set of cards for people in my class, attempting to balance the "cool" factor with the ones I legitimately know...they had to speak to me. Tearing apart the little perforated cardboard just so along the lines. Picking out which one went to each kid in my class. And when I got older, agonizing over which one to give my crush, hoping for some reciprocation from his teeny valentine too. Finally, putting them in their little paper envelope and proudly carrying them to school for the party in class. I loved those little valentines although they were probably all thrown away within a fact...I'm not sure how my mom wrangled them from my grasp, but she must have because that is not at item I have in my pack rat collection. 

Today the Valentines are a bit more complicated and I am glad for it. I was always a bit jealous of the kids whose moms splurged on the fancy fold up ones that came with candy or some other sort of treat. I know they were considerably more back then, but is kind of standard to get a box of valentines that come with a treat. The girls were happy to pick out a box for their friends at school since their party is tomorrow. Keegan got Tinker Bell that comes with a little plastic bracelet (thank goodness her class is decidedly low on boys) and MacKenzie picked out Brave with a Merida pencil. I sat down with the girls tonight and made them scribble on their valentines before I carefully wrote their name and put them together for their class tomorrow. All the while, I convinced them that it was a sign of how much they loved their friends to which they happily complied to color away. Ok...MacKenzie happily complied and tried to write her name on many of the cards. Keegan...was bribed...with candy...that she ended up hating so I gave her marshmallows instead. It was important to me that even though the girls are young for them to take time to put effort into their classes treats even if I was doing some of the work to put them together. I am excited for their little classroom party tomorrow.

I am very excited for an additional valentine this year...

And I am so thankful for my Dad who always made sure I had a valentine of some sort each year. Seeing as the aforementioned crush rarely reciprocated as kids, it was wonderful to have a card and often a little gift from my Dad who made me feel special for Valentines Day. Sure enough, today a card was waiting for me in the mail to make sure I was still remembered! My dad was my first Valentine and I sure do appreciate that!

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