Monday, February 25, 2013


I have been working on strategies for chores and cleaning around the house more. I can't say that I have made significant improvement, but I have made some strides. Ironically, I have attempted a few larger projects that only led to things getting broken or having to run (ha with three kids) out to get something to complete said project. I think it's also really hard not to get discouraged about cleaning and straightening up when you have little ones. I know it's just for a season, but I really want stuff to stay put away or clean for at least a day (or sometimes more than 2 hours) after I work on it. Matt and I have jokingly wondered about me starting a sticker chart for myself to get into more of a consistent habit. It is a very real possibility, we are having fun discussing points and rewards for said chart right now. I have to retrain my brain to work on it, I need it, my kids will benefit from it, and Mattie wouldn't mind it either!

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