Friday, February 15, 2013

Some resemblance...

One of the first things that came out of my mouth after delivering Johnny (right after "Oh thank God" and "It's a boy?!?!") was "Mom, he looks like me!". I was shocked that Johnny didn't look like the other two when he came out. MacKenzie and Keegan don't look alike now, but in their first week of life they were strikingly similar...take a look

Can you tell who is who? Look at the bottom of this post for the correct answer.

Since the girls came out looking very similar, I just figured Raptor would look like the girls and we would have to wait a few weeks to see what real features came. So add the surprise of everything else related to his birth and the fact that I thought he resembled me and you got a huge mess of sobbing and emotions in that delivery room. Lots of healing for this Mommy's heart!

While my mom didn't see it at first, more and more recently, people that knew me as a baby have been commenting on Johnny looking more and more like me. Especially since the little chicken legs is finally starting to fill out and put on more weight. While he struggles with weight gain, I was a chunk from the start and it was hard to see a lot of resemblance in his skinny face to my full face as a baby. Do I think he is as much my little clone as Mac is of her Daddy's side? Nope. But it is nice to see some of my features reflected back at me!


Johnny Cakes


Now for as who Keegan looks like...I need to find pictures for that!

And for the question above...the picture on the left, with the white and maroon bow that is closer in would be MacKenzie and the picture on the right that only has a maroon bow is Keegan.

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