Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Surprising one another

Matt has been tired of his usual breakfasts. In addition to this, we have a couple of mornings this week that I need to get out and about a little earlier than usual. So today I decided to pull out my trusty sausage kolache recipe and surprise Mattie with a yummy, easy to commute with breakfast. The girls love sausage kolaches and they are easy for them to eat in the car as we get on the road ourselves. Sometimes the call them kolaches and other times they call them "hot dog donuts" which is pretty accurate if you know what they are refering to. If you don't know what kolaches are then you probably think that sounds disgusting and you would be wrong. I find it shocking that other parts of the country haven't discovered the wonderful adopted food that is a kolache. This recipe is extremely easy. I modified it slightly today by doing a double rise in a warm oven with the door cracked instead of the rise and letting it sit in the fridge. This change was for time purposes only. I really like this recipe because it doesn't involve kneading. For foodie purposes, you would want to knead or mix this dough as little as possible to keep the soft, fluffy texture of the bread. Kneading activates gluten which makes bread chewy. Also a little side note, I would not recommend using bread flour for this recipe because of the same reason.

Here are the kolaches, waiting to go in the oven.

The funny thing about surprising your spouse, sometimes they decide to surprise you at the same time and the come home with cookies and sour dried cherries from Central Market. What a guy!!!

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