Wednesday, February 27, 2013

A teeny tiny plug...

Three weeks from tomorrow is 3/21. While many people will be commenting on the day being the first official day of spring (which is totally in full force here in Houston, it's been gorgeous), we, along with others around the world, will be celebrating World Down Syndrome Day. The day was chosen because it is the numerical representation of Johnny's (and others like him) chromosomes. Three copies of the 21st chromosome fits well for 3/21. The group that organizes the day wants to raise awareness this year by wearing lots of socks in hopes that people will ask why so the conversation about Down syndrome can start. The kids and I will be wearing three socks (and probably some special shirts) to commemorate the day. I love on the website how they made the clip art of the socks look like chromosomes!

So......this isn't a guilt trip post, I just know some people may have wanted to know about it in advance so they too can spread the word. I will make sure to post a reminder closer to the big day!

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