Friday, February 8, 2013


My house is out of control. I really, really, really need to work on getting our stuff in order. It is seriously weighing down on me more and more each day. Granted, I could take the time I am using to write all of this out and use it to get something in order, but my philosophy/mind set in a lot of things is to either patch stuff or do it 110%...and it is so far beyond patching right now it's not even funny. Plus, we have nobody coming over for at least two days so I don't have to patch anything right now. I feel crippled by the amount of organizing, sorting, and cleaning I want to do. The problem is, as I have stated previously, we want to move in the next year or so which means I do not want to buy anything to make the organization work. So I just throw the stuff in different places, kind of hoping it will go away. There is legitimately some stuff I could box and store for the next year to two years that we don't need right now, but then what?!? And all of the deep cleaning projects I want to do are kind of challenging to do with three little ones that I want to spend time with and to take places. AND I don't want to spread it all out over several weeks, I want it all done in a couple days. Like a Mommy retreat that is complete with a catharsis of having a clean, functional, and organized house. And there is the key...that it isn't even about stuff never being messy or there being some clutter...we have three kids three and is about this space being functional...and I don't feel that it is.



Margaret said...

I'm right there with you.

It's still ongoing, but I think I had a spurt of this when Owen was probably Johnny's age too.

One of my solutions has been to pick the thing that bothers me the most and work on cutting down on the clutter.

At the time, it was the girls toys being everywhere. So, I picked the most offensive toys and made the girls purge half of their toy kitchen food and half of their play jewelry. Then I split their dress up stuff into three boxes and started rotating them.

There are even a few toy items, like Squinkie balls that I have a rule that I throw them out if I find them out.

Pick something that irritates you and go at it.

Even today, I recycled four sports bottles that were driving me nuts when I tried to fit cups in our cupboard.

I don't know if that helps. If it doesn't, I'm sure you have diaper boxes that you can store stuff in. Or, splurge and get a few bins from Dollar Tree. They have cute baskets and bins to get by on.

mmnevill said...

I have used time that the kids were with my mom to clean for two full days. I know you have Johnny though. Also, I have become ruthless about purging too. I'm like Margaret, if it falls out one too many times, I am likely to chunk it. As for boxing stuff up for two years before you don't need it if it's in a box for two years. I finally purged my high school band shirts ( 24 of them!) that I'd been saving for a Tshirt quilt. But, it's expensive, and I don't need another quilt, and who would use it anyway and where would I put it and who would care? So I took pictures of the shirts and tossed them. But I certainly do understand the not knowing where to get started and not wanting to do it halfway. My closets are bursting with clothes for both sexes and many sizes as we wait for adoption. Also younger kid toys I want to purge, but am keeping for adoption. Also, MOPS garage sale is coming up! We'll take your purgings!

The Howards said...

I think a good purge is definitely in order. And I totally follow the two year rule with some exceptions, we have a ton of books that we would ultimately like to have out on display in a study or office that could free up an entire bookcase and a shelf in the girls room. We don't want to part with those because most are hardback and totally worth keeping. I went ahead and let the girls watch a show this morning then a movie this evening so I could get a few things done. I feel guilty about them watching that much t.v., but there are a lot of days they don't watch any so I should ease up!!! Thanks for the support ladies!