Tuesday, February 12, 2013

She's mine...

Looking through some old pictures I found a few that really show how much Mac favors her Dad's side of the family. I promise you, I was in the room when MacKenzie was born. She definitely came from me and is not some freak child of Matt's side of the family only. However, it was amazing how quickly people began to identify her as being Matt's daughter. Within weeks, I could take her up to church and people would say, "Oh you are Matt's wife" because they recognized his features in MacKenzie. Even from the moment she was born she was making facial expressions exactly like her father. Now this is always a good thing and helps provide an extra measure of bonding between father and children when they resemble one another!!!

I think the next two pictures really show their resemblance. Both were taken the spring after they were born, so Matt has a few months on Mac in this picture, but the similarities are striking.

 And look, even today they are mimicking one another's facial expressions and smiles.

When we introduced MacKenzie to Grandma and Grandpa, one of the first things Grandpa commented on was that Mac looked like him. I didn't see it as much until I took this picture of her and I think she does possess a certain resemblance to him. 

Of course this all makes sense because her true clone would be her paternal grandmother, Matt's mom. They look so similar it is almost eerie. I love this picture of Deb holding her at a week old because they are even posing exactly the same!

 And while I don't have a picture of Deb at this age, I recently sent this picture to Grandma and Grandpa and their initial reaction was wondering where someone got a picture of Debbie and why was it in color...

So here is to Mac...her last name might be Howard, but she is Mayes on her Dad's side through and through...and there is hardly a note of Johnson...but she must get all her brains from us!

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