Saturday, February 23, 2013

First pick

Today Matt told me he would keep an eye on the kids so I could run to Kohls to use a coupon that expires tomorrow. I really enjoy running errands with my kids, but it is nice to have a chance to wade through their sale stuff on my own, in my own timing every once in awhile too. As I poked through the kids stuff I wasn't finding much that I liked on the sale racks and found myself drawn (as I so often am) to the sets of Carter's onesies. Their stuff is always really cute and lasts really well. Plus, before now, I haven't had much of a reason to look at their boy stuff so all of these "boy" colors are a novelty to me. I found this set in 12 month and really liked that it had footballs on it. I figured that our little Johnny Football can wear it next football season if he keeps growing well.

I turned it over to see what other onesies were included in the set and saw this one which I immediately liked because of the navy and red stripes!

Then I noticed what it said...

"No. 1 Draft Pick" 

I kid you not, my eyes filled up with tears and I almost lost it in the middle of the store. A huge wave of emotions came over me and it would probably look very odd to see a woman crying in front of these onesies. I immediately knew why this struck me in such a meaningful way because I have thought about it time and time again. As we approach the one year marker for when Johnny came to be with our family, I have been reflective on where we were mentally a year ago and where we are today. I know, without a doubt, that if you had taken all the little boys and girls conceived the same day as him and lined them up in a row and told me to pick which one I wanted, I would have passed him up. I can imagine it in my head, like flipping through index card profiles of each baby, and I would shuffle right past every single one of the babies with special needs. I would have thought to myself, "Oh I am sure they are sweet, but they aren't my child, they are meant for someone else" and I wouldn't have given them a second glance, I would just move along to the baby I thought was best for me. Thank you God for having a different plan for our family. Because today, I see this shirt that says "No 1 Draft Pick" and I thank God for placing him on our "team". I thank God that I am not the one calling the shots. He was so right in the "pick" he made for us and Johnny is absolutely who I would choose today. He means so much to our family. I look forward to him getting to wear this seemingly meaningless onesie in the fall (or maybe the winter at his growth rate) and hope it serves as a reminder to us about how we have changed.

Johnny Football, Team Howard!

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