Friday, February 22, 2013

Mac vs Keegs Age 2

It is hard for us to remember Mac as a two year old in comparison to Keegan as a two year old. All the days and months get a little jumbled up as to when each kid accomplished which milestone and said what funny thing when. The more I look back at pictures, videos, and into old blog posts, the more I realize how on par with one another they are. It's amazing to think how we have been blessed with such brilliant, kind, and beautiful little girls. 

Looking back at their stats, Mac was 30 pounds and was 37" tall at her two year appointment. Today we took Keegan and she is right there with her sister (which is super funny to us because we think of her as being a lot smaller than her sister) at 31 pounds and 35.5" tall. The doctor said she is doing great, is happy to see her in the 90th percentile, and thankfully needed no shots today!

I guess I need to pull up pictures of the two side by side more often because it makes me realize either how little Mac really was or how big Keegan really is!

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