Thursday, February 7, 2013

Dr. Mac becomes the Patient

MacKenzie has been talking a lot about being a doctor when she grows up. She is adamant that she wants to take people's blood pressure, draw their blood, give them shots (and sparkly band aids), and listen to their hearts. It is a noble profession and we tell her that she will have to work hard, but she can do it if she really wants to. Imagine her glee when they learned about Doctors today at school. They even made the most adorable Doctor bags out of construction paper and included little doctor tools like band aids, cotton swabs, and tongue depressors. 

Part of her doctor bag was a little sheet of happy face stickers (not sure why) which she insisted on putting on before dinner. Imagine our surprise when one got stuck to her finger and started to be chewed up with her dinner. We told her she was eating a sticker and she continued to chew while she processed what we were saying. Then you see the panic set in...all we could see on her face was a look that said, "Oh God, I'm going to die if I eat this sticker".

 Reenacted scared photo

I calmly looked in her mouth knowing it wasn't a big deal and tried to convince her as much. Of course our little OCD child wouldn't let that pass and looked even more frightened when I told her that I couldn't find the sticker and it was probably in her tummy. All the sudden her face started to say, "Get it out, Get it out!!!"

Reenacted even more scared photo, stickers visible

As I tried to play it off, she kept rubbing the top of her mouth with her tongue. I realized the sticker was stuck there and attempted to get it off. This is when MacKenzie starts nervously laughing, a habit she inherited from Matt's mom who nervously laughs a lot as well. I free the sticker from her mouth, showed her, and she immediately began chewing on the piece of hamburger meat that was also occupying her mouth. I guess she was over it.

Who knows how many times we are going to hear this story, each time growing more and more dramatic and perilous. Next time I think we will just keep our mouths shut. It was worth a pretty good laugh before we realized how terrified she really was.

Just for fun, a picture of Johnny and Keegan

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