Monday, February 4, 2013

Simply Good Part 2

One thing Mattie and I have been very conscious of is enjoying our Saturdays as a family when possible. We have waited so long for consistent Saturday time together that we want to cherish this family time together as much as possible. Granted, he would often have weekdays off, but that was never a consistent day and more often than not he wouldn't be off for several weeks in a row. Plus there is something different about Saturdays off vs a day in the middle of the week. We would usually have some sort of routine or doctor appointment, so it wasn't as deliberate in our time together. This past Saturday we took full advantage of the gorgeous weather and spent the day together as a family.

We all slept in a bit and enjoyed oatmeal for breakfast. Seeing as it was a bit cool outside and the girls love oatmeal, it was an easy decision to make breakfast wise. We then made our way over to have Keegan check out her new glasses. This is a longish story for another day, but girlie liked checking herself out in the mirror!

 Meanwhile, Mac and Johnny waited in the expedition with Mommy...

We picked up Potbelly sandwiches, chips, and cookies to play at the elementary school by our house.

We had the girls stand in Utah since we were missing Auntie Crystal and Co.

Followed by naps for all of us!

That evening, Daddy fired up the fire pit to roast hot dogs and smores for us to enjoy outside.

 We moved Johnny's swing outside so he could get some fresh air with us too!

All in all, the day wasn't made up of anything too spectacular, but we enjoyed the time as a family!


Jessica Brown said...

I love this peek into such a family day that stands out as such a beautiful life!

what a treasure to have something so special! I especially like Keegs looking in the mirror something I used to enjoy immensely and the hotdogs and smores outside! what fun!

The Howards said...

Our life is amazing. Good and struggles, they all come together into a wonderful life. Thank you for being a part of our life too!