Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Keegan's Glasses

We had noticed from early on that Keegan had an eye that turned inward, especially when focusing. Knowing that many kids have eye issues in their first year of life, we didn't worry too much about it, but at her 15 month appointment, our pediatrician went ahead and recommended we got this checked out. We took Keegan to a pediatric opthamologist and were not surprised when they prescribed glasses for her. In fact, we were a little relieved that all the she needed was glasses as sometimes this issue needs to be patched to be corrected and in rare cases, surgery.

So we called around to find a place that would fit glasses for an 18 month old with little luck. When we did finally find one we received horrible customer service. The optometrist basically picked out two pairs of glasses, rushed at Keegan, and said "Here, do you like these" you can guess the entire office was rewarded with blood curdling screams from our little banshee. I plucked the glasses from the guys hands and tried both on Keegan. They were adorable, but too large. He assured me that they would fit when they came in so we fitted her up. About a week later I went in to retrieve the glasses and had an assistant hand them to me without so much as a basic try on or anything. I put them on Keegan and commented on how they kept sliding down the bridge of her nose. The assistant basically told me that because Keegan was so young we would just have to deal with it. Not knowing better as I had never had glasses, I left hoping that these would work. It became clear that they wouldn't so Matt took them back and was able to (legitimately) convince the optometrist to order us a new pair that would actually fit. These weren't half as cute as the other ones, but if they helped her see and that was all that mattered.

She wore those and her back up pair that we got on an awesome back to school deal from JC Penneys for awhile.

Then Keegan got bored. And snapped both pair. Within a week of each other. So we waited for the new year to kick in when we could take her to a new place to be fitted again. Matt has been going to 20/20 Eye Associates since we moved to Houston and has loved their customer service. They are friendly and prompt with all of their care and were excited to have such a young patient to be added to their list of people to take care of. Both the receptionist and doctor took their time making sure the fit and prescription was absolutely perfect for Keegan. Thank goodness Crystal came along with me to make sure Mac and Johnny were taken care of because I didn't know they were going to be this thorough! They assured me that these glasses were indestructible and that even if she did manage to replicate the one time they had been broken, that they would fix them. We have also decided that, for now, she will not wear them in the car as that is where she was bored enough to destroy the other two...she doesn't really need them in the car anyways. The frames and lenses are super light so she has already enjoyed wearing them more than her old pair. The receptionists doted on her and loved how friendly and lovable our little Keegan is which made the experience even better. We hope these glasses do the trick and help her see her little world. There is a possibility that with careful attention to changing her prescriptions that her vision could be greatly corrected. For now, we are thankful that she has something to assist her big brown eyes.

She may have to resort to these if she keeps breaking the other ones...

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