Thursday, September 19, 2013


I am still not exactly sure how to be "only" a stay at home mom. I put "only" in parentheses because we all know that moms who stay at home with their kids do a lot of work. I have always had temporary/part time/contract work in addition to this. In addition to working for an oil service company creating bids and helping my mom with her event planning and catering business, tomorrow I will start an extremely part time gig watching the little Moppets at church. MOPS is an organization that is nation wide that helps connect Stay at home Moms with one another for encouragement, fellowship, fun, and a hot meal! I will be on the childcare side of things playing with the little preschoolers. I am excited for the chance to run around with other kids, glad for a chance for my kids to have fun with some of their friends, and grateful for a little extra cash in my pocket for some non crucial purchases that we would like to make. I feel blessed for all these little opportunities to make a bit of money here and there to contribute to our family in an economic way (in addition to keeping on our budget of course) and I am very thankful for the brilliant organization I have in my mind to keep track of it all. Fall is wedding season around these parts and Mom's business is ridiculously busy.

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