Sunday, September 29, 2013


This week the girls finally had enough money saved from chores to get their princess dresses. I told them they had to save ten dollars and we would subsidize the rest. They earned $8.50, quarter by quarter, and their Mimi and Pawpaw gave them both a $5 bill on Thursday. Keegan got her Ariel dress and didn't need any extra money because Toys R Us had (and still has) their dresses on sale. Mac switched last. Inure from Cinderella to Belle and needed the aforementioned subsidy. I made sure she understood that if she wanted a Cinderella dress she would have to save more money. Both girls were proud, carrying out their money and dresses, and helping pay for what they saved up for. We also purchased a couple for them to earn if they want or for presents down the line. 

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