Sunday, September 1, 2013


No news on our part. 

But I got to snuggle a sweet one and a half weeker today. And I am busy wrapping my head around a birth I got to be a part of almost two weeks ago. 


I'm trying to figure out how to exactly determine what day one of my besties, Crystal, might have baby #3, because she is due all the way in the wasteland of SLC. Theoretically, depending on when her labor started, I could totally fly up there and make it in time based on her two previous deliveries. But that's so risky...anyone want to be on standby to fly me up that way?!? I'm so excited for them that I have almost blown it by accidentally "outing" her on Facebook several times. I always caught myself before I did, but its Ben hard being in on this secret for awhile now. It will be hard to be away for this pregnancy, who else will walk her around malls? Who will hold her hand during delivery? And how long before I get to snuggle that little baby? I'm so excited for them and send them all sorts of wonderful prayers until I get it all figured out!

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