Tuesday, September 3, 2013


This past Sunday our guest speaker gave me a lot to think about. So much so that I even took notes (which I usually don't) and have been chewing on what he said for a couple days now. Within his sermon, he spoke a lot about our trust in God. I instantly felt wrapped up in what he was saying and this spoke to me a lot.

Basically, in many of our struggles as humans, God is asking us, "Do you trust me?"

I really feel that God was asking us this question with our pregnancy with Johnny, "Do you trust me? You have a plan, but my plan is better. Do you trust that I am God and I will lead you where you need to be?" We had to submit to his will in the pregnancy. Because termination would never be an option for us to consider, we were pregnant with a child with Down syndrome no matter what we wanted. So Johnny was coming regardless of what we felt was our plan and we needed to adjust to that. And it was an adjustment and more than being mad at God, we questioned Him. Why us? Why now? What is the purpose for this? Which way are you taking us? It is so hard for us humans to be instilled with that questioning nature and then to not know what our end result will be. We really came to terms with God's infinite plan and the fact that He knows where we are going. If we were to believe that God has a plan for us, which we do, then we were ordained to be Johnny's parents and he was ordained to be our son. And it comes with struggles and responsibilities that we didn't foresee, but there is always grace and redemption and God is the giver and sustainer of life. He gives us trials and He gives us the strength to deal with them. He yearns for us to rely on Him during the hard times and to praise him during the good times. Even in our hard times, it is hard not to praise Him, because we are so immensely blessed despite what we saw as a huge obstacle.

The sermon spoke of the Israelites in the desert and how they were forced to wander for years. Each night they would go to bed not knowing where there next meal would come from, praying and trusting that God would provide and each morning they arose to the realization that He does as manna was given to them by the Great Sustainer of Life. Thus we trust in God to provide for us, maybe not what we thought we needed, maybe not what we desired in our hearts, but the manna we need for sustenance and strength nonetheless. And honestly, with how blessed and privileged we are, he provides so much more than manna for our family and for that we are thankful.

Our manna, and milk, and honey, and whatever other good analogies there are...

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