Thursday, September 12, 2013


I'm awkward. There is no way around that. In high school I played basketball and could do some pretty intricate moves and fakes to get a better shot at the net. But I was also known for my ability to fall. It was suggested by other teammates that I would trip over the painted lines on the court. There would be nobody around me and I could be running, or sometimes standing completely still, and I would just drop like a sack of bricks. I am constantly running into stuff, mainly door frames, but sometimes straight walls that I should be walking parallel to and always furniture. When I say I am running into stuff it is more like slamming into it, but that's semantics.

A few weeks ago I ran into Target with the kids and thoroughly managed to slam my flip flop adorned feet into a stationary railing meant to corral carts. It hurt, but I supressed a cuss word or two, breathed deeply (natural childbirth methods are great for that), and moved on. It bruised, but no biggie. Today, at the same Target, one I don't go to often, I hurt myself again. I could come up with some cool story about a burning orphanage, my running to save orphans and puppies, getting everyone out safely, and as my hair billowed through the wind with a massive explosion behind me, stray debris hit my foot, but that is not what happened. In fact, I am not sure what happened. I was walking behind the cart, Johnny was happily looking around, I slammed my pinky toe into the wheel, and felt more pain than I have felt in...well... just about 10 1/2 months! I'm not kidding when I say it hurts. We are talking about tears to my eyes, lump in my throat, holding myself up from falling over, gasping for breath, and trying not to shout anything to profane hurt.

I limped away, still feeling shooting pain through my foot and throughout the day I have marveled at the change in color of my damaged toe. Matt sent pictures to his dad, he said it's probably cracked/fractured, but they don't do much for broken toes, and the bruising is from lots of burst blood vessels. I still can't believe how awkward I am, I have had some injuries over the years but this takes the cake so far.

The first picture is at 1:30, the second is at 9:30

Sorry for the unpainted toes!

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