Sunday, September 8, 2013

Savory breakfast muffins

I try to have breakfasts for Matt that are easy for him to grab on his way out the door. I will make big batches of breakfast tacos, muffins, kolaches, or egg sandwiches for the fridge or freezer most days. But we are always looking for new meals to enter the rotation, so enter the sausage muffin recipe found at this website

They were first made by a friend for church and Matt and I loved them, thinking they tasted "like Thanksgiving". I 
made them this last week with a few changes. First, because we have gobs of link venison sausage, I diced that 
and lightly sautéed it. I also skipped the sautéed onion in favor of fresh green onions, chopped and thrown in the 
batter with the cheese and corn. 

These muffins are savory and sweet with a nice salty flavor from the sausage and cheese. My friend said they 
freeze great so we will be making another double batch for the freezer soon!

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