Monday, September 30, 2013

Drop Off for Tiny Blessings

Tonight we took our second large drop off to the hospital for Tiny Blessings. All told, we had 7 blankets, 4 blessing pouches, 15 gowns, 2 sets of twin gowns, and over 45 hats for the NICU! In addition to this, we got some great information. First, our main contact at the hospital is finally healed and ready to work after her back surgery! Second, they haven't been using many of the gowns or pouches, not because it doesn't meet their needs, but because they haven't needed them- huge praise for that. Third, they average about 10 babies a day and the NICU usually has 10-15 babies per day (this number includes full term babies that go up to NICU for various reasons). The nursing staff has been very busy lately so we can all pray that they stay healthy and that they have strength through the busier times. We were also able to encourage one of their front desk people to check out some video tutorials and give us a call to see if she would be interested in making hats or gowns too.

I think one of my favorite moments was delivering the hats and blankets to NICU, two of my favorite three nurses from Johnny's stay were there and one of them immediately recognized me. They ooo-ed and ahhh-ed over the hats and immediately picked out two flower hats for twin girls that were staying there. I am so honored to do this work, we all feel so blessed to be a part of this. Who would have guessed, when we decided on the name Tiny Blessings that we would feel just as blessed by this project.

Coming up we will be working on a huge delivery of hats. Since they don't need gowns for awhile, we are going to focus on blankets and seasonal, fun hats for the NICU. Our first goal is 30 pumpkin hats which is a personal pet project of mine. I want to celebrate Johnny's birthday in a big way, so every baby born that day or in the NICU that day will get a hat. Then we will work on some fall-ish hats, Christmas hats, and if they still are not in need of gowns, maybe some Valentine's and Easter hats. We will also be working on some blankets or other lovies for the nurses to dole out as needed.

What a fantastic night! Karlin went to drop off with me and she told me I was weird for being so excited about the hospital (I think smelling my hands to sniff the sanitizer after was the oddest for her), but I really do love being up there. I am looking forward to nursing one day!

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