Thursday, September 5, 2013

First Day 2013

The girls had their first day of their new school today. I had their bags, outfits (that they picked out), and lunches ready to go last night, they woke up to have waffles which they loved, we took pictures, and made it to school with plenty of time to spare.

MacKenzie walked into her class, put her backpack up on the hook, put her lunchbox in the basket, and moved onto crafts without a word in my direction. Her teacher said she had a great day, that she was quiet at first, but by the end of the day was much, much more communicative. I think that is code for "wouldn't stop talking". MacKenzie said she loved playing in the gym, that they learned about the letter "m", and that she didn't play on the playground, she just learned about fire there...not sure what that is all about!

Keegan was a bit more timid and insisted that Mac go to her class first. She hesitated at the door to the classroom before remembering that there was a toy cell phone she had played with in our meet the teacher visit. She located it within about 30 seconds of entering the room, came back to grab her backpack and lunch, and went off to play, fingers in mouth and trying to peel her glasses off her face. They said she used the potty every time the class went and several times between (not all the kids are potty trained in her class, so they talk a lot about potty) and Keegan said she played outside and learned about the letter "a".

They were both very excited to see Johnny and I at the end of the day, both fell asleep in the car while running errands, and happily showed me their work while having a snack "picnic" on the living room floor when we got home. I happily met a friend for brunch, a friend for CostCo perusing (cannot decide if I am up for changing my entire way of shopping to make a membership worth it), lunched with Johnny, and ran into Kroger before it was time to get the girls. I love that we can all enjoy our day and then be excited to be reunited at the end of them!

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