Monday, September 16, 2013

New Friends

Sometimes in life, I get a little caught up in whether or not a decision was the right one or, even in decisions that aren't entirely up to us, if we are on the right path. Sometimes I don't necessarily want to know where I am going, I just want to know that I am headed in the right direction. I think it is clear that you are headed in a good direction when you start meeting people that you wouldn't otherwise that end up being amazing and fabulous new friends.

I think this is one great aspect of Johnny having Down syndrome. The amount of people that we have met, that our lives are infinitely better for knowing, is an amazing side effect. The number of people who have sought out deeper relationships with us as we shared our journey has been an encouraging part of his diagnosis as well. Johnny and his extra chromosome (as well as all of his buddies) bring people and families and circles together. They are usually not divisive people, they are immensely talented at creating bridges between people. I am so thankful for the friendships he has fostered in my life, they don't talk about that in a lot of the prenatal testing, how great the community can be. It's magic though and it makes life all the better.

Somewhere in the craziness that was this weekend, a blog post got lost...I will make up for it tomorrow.

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