Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Tiny Blessings Update

Tiny Blessings is busy working away on another batch of hats, gowns, and blankets for Methodist Willowbrook again. We took a small donation up there over the summer, but are planning a (hopefully) large drop off in the coming weeks. Since our last drop off, all of the feedback has been great, but they did have a few requests.

The first was for the smallest of gowns, the 6.5" and 8" chest circumference gowns. These are the smallest of babies, so it shouldn't be a surprise that they need gowns for these little ones who just haven't grown enough, but it still makes our hearts hurt for them, their families, and their medical team. We also heard through one of our crochet-ers mom, who ran into a NICU nurse from the hospital and was by chance talking about our project, that they are in need of twin gowns from time to time. I hadn't even thought about that, even though we had started on twin hats for the NICU babies. For the twin gowns so far, we are making a base gender neutral color and will include four gender specific hats and four small clips to put on the gowns once they know which gender they need. Otherwise we would be making three gowns in every size instead of just two and they can mix and match sizes as needed. Again, it is with heavy hearts that we make the gowns, knowing that those that receive them do not make it, but we feel honored to be led to make these and pray over these families.

As far as hats for the NICU babies go, we can stretch our imaginations a bit more and we try to make a varied selection for the nurses or parents to choose from (we aren't really sure what happens once we pass them over). They requested more boy hats and in the 11" or so circumference range. This is actually a newborn sized hat. The hats are quick work, in fact, on the car drive to a play date (obviously the husband was driving), I made 2 and it was less than a 30 minute drive.

 These are three sizes I make. Left to Right (11 in, 9 1/2 in, and 7 in)

 I think the bear ear hats are the cutest, but they are also the hardest to make!

Twin Aggies- the best possible kind!

We are still accepting donations of supplies (yarn is always needed and fabric can be made into blessing pouches or blankets). We would like someone to design a logo for us and help with a bit of facebook header design as well. Lastly, I would like to take those hard working nurses a treat when we go up there, so any baked goods or funds towards that (I will provide you with receipts) would be greatly appreciated. Let me know if you are interested in joining our team in any way.

In a bit of exciting news, one of our crochet-ers is running an entire class at the Women's Retreat for our church this weekend and will be teaching approximately 15 women how to make these preemie hats. We hope we can get more women excited about our ministry and spread the word about what we do. We are also hoping that they donate their first hat (or more) to our team to get these little heads covered (in prayer and physically)!

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