Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Vehicle Details

One of the pre installed features with a free trial run on the new suburban (or NIGHT FURY ) is OnStar. We set the trial up this week and will have all the perks of OnStar for the next 6 months. I really like the vehicle recovery aspects of OnStar and the fact that we can call them to unlock our car should my keys (probably with the kids) get locked in. Of course OnStar is also great for mid traffic directions which proved exceptionally useful today. We went with Jennifer and Lylah to the mall and Toys R Us to look for some things. I wasn't sure exactly where the Toys R Us was on I-10 so I pushed my handy little button and as the operator fielded my call, the three girls in the back began to shriek and laugh with delight at the idea that my car was speaking to me. As I asked where the nearest Toys R Us was, the woman operator began to laugh and jokingly replied that it sounded like we needed it! The girls continued to laugh as the woman sent directions our way and wished us well. Not only were the directions handy, but it was instant entertainment for the kids, and the woman was very nice. She certainly made me smile and I hope we made her smile too.

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