Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Friend response

I had some great feedback from yesterday's post. All of the support and love meant much to my heart. A particularly meaningful conversation follows:

Friend: "I don't think I am as great as you say. But I do love you guys so much. And Johnny the most. LOL"

Me: "You don't have to be great. You just have to love with all your heart. Remember- (this is from a blog I read and shared with her at a different time) Don't over think love."


Me: "But I think you're pretty great."

It was a perfect reflection on a meaningful post. None of us have to be great, we just have to love. That love doesn't have to be anything magic or book worthy or picture perfect, it's simple and innate. The love in our relationships is what is most important, we all find flaws in ourselves, but if we love then none of that matters. If we love freely then the perception of greatness will follow. And Johnny will probably love better than any of us could imagine.

On a side note, this is so reflective of what true Christianity is. We are all flawed, but we have the ultimate gift of love given to us. That love was not over thought, but given freely. We hope to show that love back to others. Even though we fail and fall short, we can still be examples of love.

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