Tuesday, September 17, 2013

This past weekend

This weekend was a little nuts, even for us.

Woke up Saturday morning and drove to Conroe for Einstein Bros Bagels. From there we drove to Corsicana to meet some of our friends from college for lunch. Keith and Kerri are a fellow CFA couple and we have many, many good times in our history. It has been wonderful to get to see them from time to time and enjoy their laid back personalities and sense of humors all over again.

We then drove to Tyler and convinced the hotel to give us early check in so the kids could take "naps". How convenient that the Aggie game was on t.v. as well and we were able to watch the first three quarters from our room. As we watched, Johnny started rocking back and forth on his hands and knees which gets us really excited about the next couple weeks as crawling gets closer.

We then got the kids ready and headed to my cousin's wedding. It was wonderful to see her happy and excited to commit herself to her new husband. We did "cheat" and checked our phones a couple times before the bride walked down the aisle to see how the last quarter went. We missed the 95 yard pass from JFF, but we are still glad for a good showing from the Aggies. It was great to see my grandmother (and mom) as well! The kids didn't do so hot at the reception and we had to leave fairly early, good thing too, since Keegan tried to crash the first dance. She has some good moves though!

 Sunday morning we ate at a place in Tyler called "The Diner", it was excellent and if we are ever in the area, we will go back. The service was great and the food was really good. We then drove back to Corsicana for lunch with some friends who moved "up north" from Houston and had a great lunch with their family. I got snuggles with their new baby boy and the kids acted really good considering we had to wait a bit to get our table.

We then drove back to Houston where I made four lasagnas for a meal exchange for our small group and then headed off to small group and crocheted my little fingers off while we had our Bible study.

It was a great weekend, but tiring...but would you expect any different from us?!?

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