Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Johnny at 6 months


Today you are 6 months old. Half a year achieved, half a year to your first birthday. This time has gone by faster than any other. It seems momentous, for you to have achieved this half year, but it has caught me off guard with how quick it came around.

You are an amazingly easy little man. Over and over again we tell people that if it weren't for your extra appointments here and there and the fact that I choose to pump to feed you, we wouldn't even realize you were here or have any challenges with you. You sleep most of the day, are happy to sit in your seat when we are out and about, love to cuddle quietly when you can, and really only get mad at the end of our little therapy sessions throughout the day. I love to see you looking around, smiling at all you see, reaching for people, toys, and anything that catches your eye. You have really gotten into holding and playing with toys, especially the toys that dangle from your car seat or other baby items which make it easy for you to grab. You have even started reaching for items while doing your tummy time and pull them towards you. This makes Mommy happy because that hopefully means we can coerce you into more movement this way! You like for Mommy to clap your hands and do little hand motions while we sing little songs (you seem to like The Itsy Bitsy Spider and If You're Happy and You Know It). You also like for us to kick your legs around and to roll them up so you are "folded in half". That especially helps you get all your toots out which you are particularly talented at!

 You sleep wonderfully, still nestled into the bassinet portion of the pack and play. You are getting large for it, but we are soon going to move you up to your room and will just make that transition all at once. You have developed a fondness for having a blanket and got very mad at Daddy for not covering you up with a blanket for you to grab with two hands and snuggle up to your face. You don't like having the blanket covering your legs though and you will kick it off several times throughout the night so the blanket is covering your tummy (and sometimes your face) and not your legs. Because we all like it a little chilly in our house at night, I try to keep your legs covered or make sure that I put you into footie pajamas so you don't get too cold. You will sleep from 7:30 to 7:30 with no waking to feed. You are trying to rework your napping schedule a bit, it seems you like to doze through the morning (probably because we are always out running around) and then have a good nap in the afternoon. My best times to work with you on therapy are after lunch and in the early evening. You are snoring less in your sleep which is a good sign for all of your ENT stuff.

 You are exclusively breastfed no longer, you had your first taste of solids on Saturday. You liked the peas ok, but we tried squash for the first time today and you seemed to like that much more, taking half of the container. You may have wanted more, but you were very sleepy. It is easier to feed you than your sisters because you don't grab for the spoon as much, but you have a harder time keeping your head up so that is challenging. Today you were so tired you laid your head down on the tray, took a few seconds to rest, then picked your head back up for more food.

                First taste of squash      Exactly 6 months old at 3:36

You are such a delight, you work so hard at everything we try to do with you so far, you smile for so much, you squawk and talk to everyone, we simply love having you in our lives. We marvel all the time at what an unexpected blessing you are for our family. We never would have known how amazing you would be to us and we are so thankful.

Day of Life 1

6 months old

We love you Johnny. It is indescribable how much, but we love you, love you, love you
and look forward to seeing more time pass with you.

Mommy and Daddy

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