Friday, April 26, 2013

Close in Age

I know a lot of people think we are nuts, being on such an "aggressive breeding schedule" by having three kids in three years and one week. The truth is, I never thought I would want kids this close. I am so glad that we were open to it. When Mac turned 6 months, I was craving another kid and another pregnancy. We were happy to find out shortly after that we were in fact expecting a younger sibling for her. After Keegan we purposefully waited a few additional months to get some of our finances in order and to extend out my ability to nurse her since I had so many troubles nursing Mac when pregnant with Keegan. Many, many, many people outright tell us they think we are crazy, many more so probably say things behind our back about how close our kids are in age and the fact that three (and hopefully one day four) is out of the norm and we probably should rethink that. But we love it and I would say 98% of the time handle it exceptionally well. We are blessed with amazing kids who we find to be charming, brilliant, and beautiful in a number of ways. We have stressful times, but they do not define our life with three kids three and under. And there have been so many benefits to having them so close together.

On the logistics side of things, it just makes so much sense to us to have them all near in age. We wake them all up, change two diapers and take one to the potty, get all three dressed (or help Mac get dressed), get milk cups for two and a bottle for's just an endless checklist of basically the same thing for all three. Their needs are fairly similar at this point, lots of snuggles, reading, and simple games and toys. The girls naturally look to one another as a play mate, confidant, and someone to help them. So often now we find them speaking their own little kid language, giggling endless peals of laughter over things that only three year olds and unders find hilarious. We have heard reports of them playing together on the playground at school and of Mac going to find Keegan outside during a fire drill to make sure she wasn't scared and to explain to her that everything was fine. They so often crave to be together and we often hear one of the other saying, "C'mon sissy!". And now they work hard to give attention to their brother, snuggling with him, encouraging him, bringing him toys, and talking with him trying to gain one of his squeals of delight.

So our life may not work for everyone, but we are so happy with the life we have's a great one!

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