Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Baby Dreams

I have written before about my recurring dream when pregnant with the girls about Matt cheating on me with other women. Looking back, maybe it was some sort of "sign" preparing me to share my husband with other women...not in that way of course, but emotionally having to split my time with him. I have never had a cheating on me dream otherwise and did not have this dream when pregnant with Johnny either.

A dream that I did have with Johnny was early on in the pregnancy and feels extremely telling now. I don't necessarily believe in a lot of horoscope/fortune telling stuff, but there have been some strange coincidences in my life that have turned up in my dreams before they happened (the house next door burning down three days after I dreamt it...freaky).


Early on I woke up from a dream freaked out. I was probably about 7 weeks pregnant, but dreamt that I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. I was so pleased and happy with her. They took her to the nursery and when I went to go see her, she had turned into a little baby bunny rabbit. I was incredibly distraught and looked around for explanations. My doctor and nurse were there, assuring me that everything would be ok, that this doesn't happen often, but they have seen it from time to time. All I cared about was getting my baby girl back. With each push for me to bond with the baby rabbit, I became more and more resistant to the idea of nurturing a rabbit. At one point I turned to my doctor and said, "But I don't want to raise a rabbit, I want a baby" and she responded with a hug and said, "I know."

I made my doctor promise me at 8 weeks that we were not having a rabbit and that there was no chance of that happening. How odd that 4 weeks later we were told that we may not be having the baby we thought we were having. I probably would never remember this dream had it not been for how our circumstances turned out. Maybe my heart was being prepared for Johnny, maybe it was a way to "test" out my response for what was to come.

I have recently had a handful of (non baby related) really strange dreams. Half way through, I tell myself, my real life is much better than this dream, it is time to wake up. It's a good place to be in, even with a little baby "bunny" in my life.


Beth said...

I love dreams :) And strongly believe God can communicate messages to us through some of them (not all of them). I've had some very spiritual experiences through dreams that helped me know which direction to take in life, or know someone I was worried about was ok or needed my help. They feel so distinctly different when I wake up than a regular dream though. My mom has dreams more about future events, such as a baby she was going to have, loved ones that were passing away, or important events in life.

Just a note--it's REALLY common for pregnant women to dream of their husbands cheating on them (I did, as well as numerous friends). Psychologists think it has more to do with hidden anxiety over our changing bodies and that our husbands won't find us attractive, or fear of abandonment now that extra responsibility is coming. It's also really common to have dreams while pregnant of giving birth to an animal instead of a baby. A friend of mine dreamt she gave birth to a whole litter of black lab puppies, then turned to her husband and burst into tears saying, "you didn't tell me you were a DOG!!" (sidenote--after 6 children, he did end up cheating and leaving her, so I guess that dream was true!). I think it's neat you have found personal meaning to them. Pregnancy dreams are the hardest to sort out!

The Howards said...

The meanings definitely make sense. It was very odd to reflect back on the dream that lent itself so much to having doctor and nurse support with having the baby bunny and how much they were both supportive through the whole pregnancy and labor and delivery.

It is one of those hard things to reconcile because you don't realize you have had a dream that "prepared" you until after something takes place to trigger that memory. I have had several dreams over the years about a curly haired red head...who knows what may be in my future!