Saturday, April 13, 2013

Busy, but Great

Today was a mega day! A day filled with 4 events for the family. All of these were super important to us and we were glad that they worked out. In fact, we had tickets for the Texas A & M Maroon and White game, but ended up giving those up in light of how much other stuff was happening today.

We started with the Walk for Life. The girls got their face painted, kolaches were enjoyed by all, and we walked for a fantastic organization.

We then moved on to two birthday parties where the girls wore themselves out. MacKenzie and Keegan made cards for their friends and Mac did awesome writing out her letters. I had to model the R and Y for her, but she was able to write the rest when I told her what letter came next.

For one of the parties, Princess dress up was optional, I didn't want our sweet prince feeling left out so I made him a super easy crochet crown. The video is great to follow!

Lastly, we headed over to a friend's house for a spring dinner outside. The weather was beautiful and as it got darker and the air got colder, we all pulled out blankets, cuddled sleepy kids in our laps, and chatted about babies and adoption and life and crazy North Korean leaders. The girls crashed on the way home.

Days like this are exhausting, but so, so, so, so, so satisfying. As deep as the tiredness goes, that is how far the happiness goes that we connect with people who are meaningful to us, that we bridge gaps with people we don't get to see as often as we like, and we are diligent in our efforts to show people that we care about and love them. These are days we will remember. Looking back on the day, I don't know that there is a single thing I would change (besides the fact that Keegan peed on me) and that makes it great! Thank you to all who invited us to have a wonderful day!

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