Friday, April 12, 2013

Tomorrow We Walk for Life

Tomorrow is the Walk for Life. There is still time to walk with us or donate to the Carenet Pregnancy Center here in Northwest Houston. Once again, this group provides counseling, ongoing support, and resources for women who are faced with an unexpected pregnancy. They can offer a quick initial health screening, resources, basic supplies, classes, and in more extreme cases, they can help find more support both fiscally and physically for the Moms and Dads who need it. I love working with Carenet. I take all of my formula samples to them, many friends donate all gently used baby items when they are done expanding their own families, and I have proudly boasted, this will be the third walk we have done.

The horrible reality is, that many women find themselves in this situation and feel that termination is a valid option. While I trust that women have control to make decisions for themselves, in knowing that life absolutely begins at conception makes any case for abortion invalid in my mind. I understand the pro-choice viewpoints, I really do. However, every one of these points is invalid when it comes to ending life. And surprisingly, I do not think Planned Parenthood itself is a horrible place, I think the abortions that take place there are horrible actions that taint the good that they do in performing basic health services for women who may not be able to otherwise afford it.

Terminations take place at an alarming rate in our country. I have recently read an article that almost as many abortions take place in New York City than live births, the exact number is 41%. Take a moment to think about that. More children are killed than born in some parts of one of our largest cities each year. At this moment an abortion provider is on trial for the horrible actions that took place at his so called clinic. I wouldn't advise you to read this article unless you are prepared to face the enormity of how far the pro-choice movement has shifted into thinking that the Mom has complete control over making any decision for their child at any point in time. I remind you of this if you read the article, babies are viable at 24 weeks. While I disagree with abortions at any point in time, the fact that this man performed them this late in a pregnancy is absolutely evil.

What is worse? The lack of media coverage on this trial. My curiosity got the best of me and I went and counted articles on Yahoo!'s top stories. Out of 34 articles given, this trial was not mentioned once, and ten of the articles were about sports, movies, or clothing. We as a society have turned our back on the innocent. We fail to speak up for those that have no voice. It sickens me to think what potential these already present lives had and how they have been seen dispensable. I understand that women make this choice for themselves and that for many it can be a tough decision to make, I cannot comprehend how we have allowed this choice to be an option in our society though. It should be unfathomable, instead, it takes place by the minute.

Our road is challenging, but there are steps than can be taken to turn it in a new direction. First, all women should be supported adequately through their pregnancy in a loving, kind, and compassionate manner. We as Christians sometimes fail to remember that Mary was once a single teenage mother faced with an unexpected pregnancy. Second, write to your congressmen and women about motions and bills presented to restrict the circumstances in which terminations can take place. Third, educate yourself on the issues presented. I highly recommend Randy Alcorn's writing and will gladly send you a copy of his book Why Pro Life? Fourth, pray for a change in the hearts of our nation, that the steps taken after Roe v Wade can be reconsidered, and that we continue to use science to understand the sanctity and preciousness of life rather than the disposability of it.

So tomorrow we walk, hoping that each person's steps will symbolize transformations in people's hearts to move us in the right direction.

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