Thursday, April 4, 2013

Neurotic me!

It's happening! The cleaning and purging process has begun! I have an Expedition full of stuff to donate tomorrow, I have several bags lined up to be distributed to friends who need a couple of things, I have a clear plan for a couple of steps that will make my life infinitely more organized and it feels great! I had to stop myself short of boxing it all up and starting from scratch! Not really, I am way too sentimental for that, but I am pleased with my progress so far. We had a handful of things that we seriously hadnt used since we moved to this house. And while there are some things that are nice to have around for those once a year special projects, this is not the house to store it all in. My next step is the play room upstairs and reorganizing that into a way more functional space for the kiddos! I am very excited about where things are going. And the girls may be watching a bit more tv than they usually do so that I can get us to the good place, it's not an overload and will be worth it in the end!

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