Sunday, April 21, 2013


I have been working with my mom here and there since MacKenzie was born at her catering and wedding planning company. We have had all sorts of adventures with the business and I should really devote some time to writing about some of the funnier situations that we have been apart of at these events.

In catering (or food service in general), things often do not go as planned, in fact, no matter how much you plan, you are usually on the brink of catastrophe. Servers get sick with no replacement, power breakers get tripped, something (or someone) gets left behind, or a multitude of other fiascos are always on the verge of happening. On some of the worst days, all of these things happen at once. We adjust and improvise (stopping at WalMart to buy George Foreman grills because of power difficulties with cooking our food has been my favorite so far) and replan for the next time, but it always keeps you on your toes.

Last night was a fancy event for my Mom's work. It was a 50th birthday where the wife was surprising the husband with a party that rivaled a lot of weddings. Everything went perfect. Nothing went wrong. Two people had to ask us for salads when they came in late and one lady asked us for more cocktail sauce and that was it. One of our servers was a no show, but we didn't really need her anyways. We had plenty of food, everything was cleared from the tables quickly, dishes were washed on time, there wasn't a single thing that needed to be done or that we were rushing to complete. We were all poised and waiting ready for the shoe to fall, but it never did. So it almost made it unenjoyable because we were waiting for the "bad" and we kept racking our brains trying to figure out what we had forgotten about!

I am glad that we finally got a perfect event under our belt! Good job to Mom and all of the crew. How do we make that happen again?

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