Saturday, April 20, 2013


The guys finally made it back home after 9 last night. They ended up being rescued by Matt's mom part of the way and another buddy of ours the other part. I wanted to let the kids have a chance to see Matt so we all waited up (plus I was sitting some of the kid waiting for their dad too) and then HAD to all visit for a bit when the guys finally did get home. Thus it was another long night.

Matt passed out once we got home and managed to sleep until 10:30. When I woke up we were informed that Chris had gotten sick over night and so he had no recovery sleep. We are praying that he feels better and gets some rest soon.

Today is a day of resting and relaxing for Matt and the kids. We are busy regrouping, snuggling, and enjoying one another. The past two days have worn us out in a good and satisfying way, but we are thankful for a good day of rest.

Thanks again to all who have helped so far. I know a lot of organizations are getting more supply drives and funds ready for the people of West to rebuild their little town.

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