Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Mac update


You are three and half going on older than Mommy! You know so much more than you should and we  are amazed by your brilliance. 

It is funny to write these reports because you say the funniest and strangest things and it is difficult for us to keep track of it all. Your vocabulary is definitely maturing and you dialogue more with people when you have questions or people are asking you things. You also repeat a lot of what we say in different situations to try and test it out. You have recently started asking if things are "perfect", "Mommy was our nap perfect?", "Mommy is that letter perfect?", "Mommy was our surprise perfect?". It is a word that I use when we are practicing your writing so I think it is interesting that you have applied it in numerous different situations. You tell your sister "It's ok sweet baby girl" if she is upset which is what I tell both of you when you are sad. You have also picked up on a few of my phrases that I wish you hadn't like "Seriously?!?" when I am frustrated and "C'mon guys" to traffic when it is stopped. Around us you will ask a multitude of questions that range from what you see to what you read about, but other people find it surprising when we say you talk so much. I wonder if you are being shy, cautious, or a combination of both.

You are very much into princesses and dress up right now. You love all of the princesses and rotate through which one you like the most. Just now you told me that you love Merida because she likes to climb and previously you have told me you like her because she loves her mommy. I'm glad you got the point of the end of the movie! If we go over to Avery and Alli's house, you will automatically run upstairs to put on Alli's Cinderella dress and shoes. The other day you wore them so long they rubbed blisters on your feet! Your love for reading continues to grow. I am looking forward to you learning more and more about reading because I think you will enjoy looking through books and discovering new stories and information all by yourself. You still love The Magic School Bus books, but will sit through anything people will read you. Your favorite stuffed animals right now are three little puppies, one is the Sandy dog we got you when we took you to go see Annie. You enjoy putting together puzzles and playing with small toys too. You love to play outside and "climb trees" and we try to encourage you looking around and exploring a bit on your own. This usually involves you carrying around a big stick you found in the back yard and looking for flowers and acorns.

As far as general eating habits go, your appetite varies. You will always eat tons of oatmeal, eggs, rice, and beans, but other foods change from time to time. Lately you have really liked having raw carrots with your lunches and were particularly delighted with Quaker Oatmeal Squares with yogurt for breakfast. You like to snack on popcorn or goldfish, especially if the goldfish are rainbow colored. For treats you like ice cream, candy, or fruit snacks, and sometimes cookies. If we give you a cupcake or cake, it is usually the icing you eat first. You sleep well at night, but are trying to give up your afternoon nap. I understand that it may be soon for this to happen, but sometimes you won't sleep at all and other times you will sleep three hours. So I still lay you down (in the same room as Keegan) because I think you still need it. You are in 5T to 6 clothing for the most part, your legs are usually too long for 4T pants/dresses/skirts.

We love you Mac. You will sometimes come up to us and cup our face in your hands and tell us you love us too so I guess we are doing something right in raising you! We love our snuggles with you and your independence all at the same time and marvel at how fast you are growing up. You are an amazing little girl and we are proud to call you ours.

Mommy and Daddy


Mary Lee Webeck said...

What a beautiful statement of parenthood and appreciation for the emergence of the person Mac will be. So fortunate she is, to have you as her mother.

The Howards said...

Thank you Mary Lee. I feel fortunate too, to have her as my daughter. As you know, we will try our hardest to do right by our kids!