Wednesday, April 17, 2013


We love to eat a big delicious breakfast, but so frequently lack the time to do so. Many Saturdays we are on the go as soon as we can all manage to fall out of bed and get dressed, other Saturdays we often have big plans for lunch and don't want to eat too large of a breakfast in light of that. Sundays are also busy as we go to church. I always try to make a good breakfast for the family on Sunday mornings, but it is usually a good breakfast of homemade oatmeal (with dried fruit) or pancakes which are really easy to throw together.

Because we miss out on big, yummy breakfasts, we have been eating Brinner (Breakfast for Dinner) more the past few weeks. When you consider that strawberries are on sale a lot right now and breakfast ingredients are usually cheap, you can make a healthful meal for a decent price.

Last week I had a scramble with toast that I duplicated into an omelet tonight for dinner. I threw in what we had, eggs, cheese, ham, spinach, tomatoes, and topped it off with avocado. Since the girls can be picky about their food mixing up, I made them plain scrambled eggs with all of the toppings on the side. Paired up with toast and strawberries, it was a delightful meal for all.

Two weeks ago we had a country breakfast where I made potatoes (sauteed in olive oil with salt and pepper), served it with scrambled eggs, and made buttermilk biscuits topped with gravy. I could eat this every week. I love pairing eggs with potatoes (egg and potato breakfast tacos are my favorite) and there is little better in the food world than peppery gravy covering up a tender and fluffy biscuit.

I've been having a hankering for breakfast quesadillas and eggs Benedict lately so maybe they will appear on our Brinner menu soon!

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