Monday, April 8, 2013


I was running through pinterest the other evening as I wound down before bed and stumbled across this tattoo.

I love it. I tried texting it to my sister immediately, but was out of service in the boonies of College Station. My sister has several tattoos that all have a lot of meaning to her and while I usually think tattoos are crazy and nuts, this is the first that has been super compelling to me. In fact, I almost contemplated waking Mattie up so I could go get it done right away.

I am still un-inked, BUT Matt's sister McKay did treat me to a little replica on my foot with henna. 

I am really digging this little penguin and know that if I went to a good artist they could modify this design to integrate the kid's initials into it. I wouldn't get it on my foot and would seriously debate putting it on my side/rib cage near to my heart. All of this will probably never come to fruition, but it is kind of fun to think about from time to time...

When MacKenzie saw the henna this morning she asked what it was. I showed her and asked her what it was meaning, can you tell it is a penguin? She looked at it and responded that it is what Auntie J has, meaning her tattoos! We have never talked to her about the tattoos and I assumed she never noticed them. What a clever little girl!

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