Saturday, April 27, 2013


Johnny is exclusively breastfed no more! Just a few days shy of being 6 months old, we made the plunge to give him some solids and went straight for veggies, some delicious green peas. It was a bit harder than feeding the girls because he is still working on neck and trunk muscle control. Also, our OT recommended that we feed him with the spoon sideways for two reasons. First, it helps reduce tongue thrust which is a habit they like to break for kids with Ds anyways and it reduces the amount of food pushed back out of the mouth. Second, kids eventually feed themselves with the spoon sideways so it makes sense to have them used to that. I think he liked the solids, he certainly licked his lips and the spoon a lot. He took somewhere between a third and half the jar, but I have a feeling that as he catches on he may enjoy eating a lot!

Examining the first bite

Um, Mommy, are you sure?

The bumbo wasn't working out so we (dangerously) switched to Mommy's lap

I think he likes it

Satisfied and not too messy

He got a bath after this to get all of those peas off his face and his hands! I think it is charming that all three kids so far have gotten their first meal in that green Bumbo!

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martha said...

I can't believe he's already six months! What a big boy! And way to go with those peas!