Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Keegan Update

Keegan Joy,

You are growing out of little toddlerhood into older toddlerhood or young girlhood. It is amazing to us to wake up every day and see how you change, it happens in hours sometimes. I love to see the changes you make and you astound us many, many times a day.

Your vocabulary and speaking has exploded over the past month or so. While you knew a lot of words, you weren't as willing to speak a lot or communicate your needs, thoughts, or wants. Now that has changed. You string many words together into complex sentences and will repeat back the sentences we work on with you. You have gone from one word demands, to nice, well phrased sentences that clearly tell us what you want. Instead of saying "Up", you will say sweetly "Pick me up please Mama"...how could I say no to something like that. It is funny to watch you speak because you kind of roll your tongue around in your mouth when you talk (I'm not sure if this is a normal kid thing or something we need to watch as you grow), but it does make you stumble over a couple of words. Instead of "Howard" when we ask you our last name you will say "How-dard", which I find completely endearing! You are very much into talking about yourself and other people. We had to work hard to convince you that while your middle name is Joy, other people have different middle names. You kept calling your sister Kenzie Joy and your brother Johnny Joy. It probably doesn't help that we call Johnny, Johnny Boy sometimes.

When you play here, you sometimes play independently and you sometimes play with your sister. A lot of times you guys can be found doing dress up or tromping around outside in the yard. You really like to read and have started memorizing the books we read on a more frequent basis. You also like musical toys and will trigger them to start over and over again so you can dance to the music. You are a huge caretaker and love your multitude of dolls and stuffed animals. Some of your favorites right now are a white pony, your Minnie Mouse doll, your Merida doll, and the Baby Belle doll. You also like to just be near others while they are doing something, like sitting in Mommy's lap or sitting next to your sister while she reads or plays. You like to color some, but will quickly get bored with that.

You are very much a ham who likes to make people laugh. You have started your own version of "potty" talk by running around going "Bootie, a bootie, pootie, a pootie, tootie, a tootie". You think it is hilarious and I try to tell you that is potty talk without making a huge deal out of it. We can't let our guard down with you. If you make us laugh with a facial expression or something you say then you will do it over and over again to see our reaction. In general, you love to cuddle and laugh so tickling you is great way to bond together with you. Mommy tries to snuggle with you for a few minutes each morning in your bed and after your bath so you get the snuggle time you need. You will move our arms to be around you or on top of you depending on how you cuddle with us so you have extra physical contact and love. We need to work more on you obeying when we tell you to "Come on". When Daddy has been around lately you like to play chase so he will come scoop you up. It had only been at church, with you running across the big open field in front of the building, which we were fine with because there is no danger there and it got out a bit of extra energy. Recently though you have started running away in other situations (not into the parking lot thank goodness) and we need you to obey better on that. It is very hard not to laugh a bit as your chubby little legs carry you across the pavement or grass and we hear your shrill shrieks and your voice saying "Run away".

 There are some general things that Mommy wants to remember. First, you still wear the best sleeper crown. Given the opportunity, you will sleep from 8:30 to 8:30 and will nap for three hours in the afternoon. Your favorite snacks are raisins or fruit, but you will often eat some goldfish or crackers. Your favorite meal is spaghetti, eggs, or peanut butter and jelly. You really like pizza, but only if it is cut up into small bite sized pieces. You are wearing 3T clothing right now, with a few 2T items interspersed. You aren't super crazy about cake, but you really like ice cream or candy (maybe we should get you ice cream with candy on top, that would knock your socks off). You love when Mommy sings to you, but you are picky about what song you want to hear. Today you asked Mommy to sing the Ariel song and I was glad that you were satisfied with "Under the Sea" because I'm not sure I have the vocal range for "Part of Your World".

Keegan, we love you and think you are absolutely brilliant. We think you are a funny little kid and while you can be quite ferocious, you are Mommy's little Sweet Pea!

We love you!
Mommy and Daddy

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