Tuesday, January 1, 2013


I always have resolutions that I fail to meet and feel bad about not being the task master that I pride myself in being. This last year wasn't horrible as far as typical resolutions go and in the end shouldn't resolutions be more about progress than about anything else. That at the beginning of each year we feel a fresh start, a new beginning, the ability to do anything and that hopefully, we grow and accomplish something before the year is up. This year I have the same tired resolutions as everyone else, but I don't feel the need to publish them to hold myself accountable or to measure progress. It feels like too much pressure when they are "out there" for the internet world to see. If my resolutions are truly about bettering myself then they are fine locked away inside of me for my own measurement of failure or success...

That being said, I do have a goal, not a resolution, for this year. I want to write on my blog every single day. That would be a total of 365 posts, double what I have published over the past four years. I have been telling Matt that I wanted to write more, that I wanted to get stuff out there, that I wanted to process and share a lot. I have been mulling over posts in my head trying to find the right things to say and have instead put off writing in general. I want to better my writing and communicate more with others in this format. I have been wanting a way to do this and noticed that a facebook friend had a post that stated, "Today is page one of a 365 page book. Make it a good one."So here we are...there may be days when a post is pretty basic...there may be days that a post doesn't make a lot of sense because I am still sorting things out...but I want to commit to pressing that publish button every day.

Day one...check

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