Sunday, January 27, 2013

Mac's Crush

So when Mac was a baby we would joke about her being in love with her little friend Henry. He would sometimes hold her hand or put his arm around her like little kids often do and she would look up at him with adoring eyes.We would also joke about her having a relationship with "Baby" Jonathan who is the son of one of her sitters that year and just a few weeks older than her. Because they are so close in age they would play next to each other on the floor and we have a handful of pictures of them making googly baby eyes and holding hands. In fact, we also have a picture of Baby Jonathan stealing a kiss from Mac at the fall festival when they were both a year old.

Those are kid crushes though...just kids being sweet to one another and baring no real meaning except for fun pictures to torment children with later in life!

But, kids grow up.

Recently, Mac has been talking a lot about a boy named Jackson in her class. She would smile shyly and look away as she talked about him, referencing how they would color next to each other and would get up to move seats next to one another in Church. She said they often play together and when prompted would tell us that "He has yellow hair, just like me and Rapunzel!" We thought it was funny and cute that she would go into such detail about another kid in class and because she was so shy about it, we wondered about this boy. Today, we asked her Church teacher about the boy and were surprised to hear that they hardly interact with one another at all. She seemed shocked that Mac even knew his name! Which makes me wonder, is she just latching onto a good story to tell us so we get off her back about what she does in class or does she have a little kid interest in this boy... Either way, it is hard to believe that our little girl is old enough to be talking about boys we don't know!!!

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