Saturday, January 19, 2013

The Zoo

My dear friend Crystal took the kids and I to the zoo this week. While the weather was a little cold (high 40s, low 50s), we had run of the place as there were very few people there. It was great to let the kids stretch out their legs a bit, especially as we had been cooped up a bit due to cold and rainy weather. We weren't daunted by the cold weather and were hoping some of the animals would be more apt to playing in the cold rather than the usual hot and muggy weather we Houstonians are so fond of. So, we bundled up the kids in jackets and hats, armed ourselves with sippy cups and snacks, and hoped for a good little adventure. While some of the animals were kept indoors due to the cold (which my mom pointed out as being ironic because we had our little Monkeys out in the cold), it was still well worth the trip because we could see and linger at all the animals we could find because of the lack of a crowd. I had never been to the Kid's portion of the zoo and was impressed with the extra stuff they have added there. The kids really enjoyed the porcupine, bald eagle, otters, and the raccoon. In fact, there was a trainer in with the raccoon prompting her to do tricks for the kids. 

They had goats in the petting zoo area and the girls warmed up quickly to them.

We laughed at the Cougars who were frantically panting the fence line as the kids played with glee in the leaves nearby. How tempting to have such delicious morsels so close, but out of reach!

MacKenzie said she really enjoyed the elephants and the sea lions. She was very concerned that the baby elephant was walking away from it's mama. Keegan said she really liked the giraffes and the elephants. It was cute to watch them look at the meerkats who were ready to look at and play with kids on the other side of the glass. I love otters and could have stayed to watch them for quite some time. Johnny was utterly unimpressed and slept in the faux-by wrap for the whole trip.

Hopefully we will have many more days of the zoo ahead of us!!!

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