Thursday, January 10, 2013

Loving on Johnny

People ask a lot how the girls are doing with their new baby brother and honestly, I think they are doing great. They ask to hold him a lot, help get diapers and toys, and I think they would take care of him if I let them. 

I find it endearing how much Keegan especially has taken to Johnny. She is such a little nurturer despite her intense personality. When I was pregnant with Johnny she would often climb in my lap, lift my shirt, and lay snuggled against my belly. She would lay there, arms wrapped around my belly, occasionally patting her tiny hand against it as if to reassure me and the baby inside that they were loved. It was healing in many ways. In fact, within minutes of us coming home from our appointment where we found out Johnny did have Down syndrome, she did this very thing.

When visiting the hospital, the girls were a little out of sorts because of everything that had been going on, being picked up my multiple people, out of their usual routine, going to a new place, but they loved seeing Johnny none the less. When we told MacKenzie that we were going to have to take Johnny back to the hospital for his photo therapy, she started crying and told us she didn't want him to leave. We had to reassure her that this was best for him and that he would be back home soon.

Now the girls dote on him and ask to say "Good morning" and to check on him when they wake up. MacKenzie keeps an eye on him in the car and will tell me if he is sleeping or not. They call him their baby and tell us they love him so much. MacKenzie still seems amazed that we get to keep him. She will ask, "He is our baby? He gets to stay here? I love my baby brother, he is so little, he is so cute!" I am glad Johnny has such good big sisters to take care of him and teach him.

We have had to field a few questions about whether or not the girls know about Johnny's chromosomal enhancement. I think that is one of our numerous blessings, that the girls are so young, they will grow up knowing Johnny as Johnny, and not automatically having that awareness of his differences. I am hoping that they will be able to advocate for what a great person he is.

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