Sunday, January 20, 2013

Mac the Chef

Mac really loves to help us cook which makes my heart happy. I enjoy letting her stir and pour to help me make food for our family. She takes a lot of pride in cooking too. We have noticed however that her palette may be a little more...exotic than ours. We love that she eats raw spinach, feta cheese, and tons of other foods, both  normal and "grown up." We are concerned when she starts making her own combinations though... Today she told us she was making strawberry soup with veggies in it...and has been known to dip her fruit in ranch dressing or honey mustard. She also likes to rebuild her sandwiches and make them into what she calls "boats". She is a funny little gal and we love her just might want to ask who made your plate if you come over for dinner. 

A pretzel and apple sandwich

The dreaded kid ice cream combo-
Bubble gum ice cream with gummy bears!

 The worst yet-
Ice cream, tater tots, and ketchup!!!

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