Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Simply good

 Sometimes we have magical, fairy tale, storybook good days...days that involve donuts and coffee, perfect weather, museum trips or zoo time, lunch at a favorite place, and a day filled to the brim with friends. These are days that we all imagine as being good days, days that go off without a hitch and you can brag about..."look at what we did". And you look back at these days as being your being good.

Sometimes though, days aren't as adventurous, are more mundane, are over simple...but those days can be as good.

Days that involve a new fence in the back of the yard that means play time for the girls. Play time that hasn't happened in months because of an extremely ferocious dog who would throw himself against the fence trying to get to us and when that didn't work he would eat (yes, eat) the fence. This was not a dog who wanted to play with us, this was a dog who has a reputation in our neighborhood for aggressive behaviors towards boys and men very much more grown and very much larger than my sweet peas. Out of our safety we have been forced inside...but now...just look at that pretty fence!

Days that are so windy, leaves end up blowing inside your house from the open door, but along with that comes squeals of laughter and giggles. Days that were made for bubbles, especially the good quality bubbles we found in the top of our closet, that stayed together in groupings of ten to twenty and danced to and fro in the wind, making bubble chase time all the more exciting. Days where the only things you need outside is a big red ball, lots of leaves to throw around, and your sister.

Days that involve clear blue eyes peeking out at you from the play set. The same blue eyes that look up at you as you teach her to swing by herself, coaching on "legs up, legs down, legs up, legs down". The same blue eyes that sparkle as she says "Chase me" and then collapses into a heap on the fallen leaves because she would really rather be tickled. 

Not unlike the big brown eyes that follow where everyone is going and carefully evaluate who is going to have the most fun for the next few minutes because that is where she wants to be. The big brown eyes who pour into everyone she meets with love and absolute adoration. The big brown eyes who confidently take everything in because she knows she is something else!

Days that involve working on therapy at home, not unlike what you would do with your children anyways to coach them along in their development, but being more deliberate at it, taking your time with it, subtly correcting small movements that could make a huge difference in meeting milestones. Days that mean cheering your little man on with each head lift, each roll from side to back or side to tummy, and each bat of favorite toys. Days that mean you reciprocate sounds from an increasingly verbal baby boy. Days that involve recognizing tired signs and needing to be snuggled signs, rewards for all that hard work he has done!

Days that involve your two favorite girls in the world showing complete adoration to one another...

and to your favorite boy...

 and to the form of a freshly picked bouquet of flowers for the dining room table.

Days that involve dinner with grandparents and fries so good you have to use one hand as a "helping" hand to shove that fry in your face...

 And long strings of spaghetti that taste all the better when twirled on your own...and being adamant that no help is needed.

Days that are just simply good...or simply, good...whichever it is...I'll take it and soak it in because it is good.

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