Monday, January 7, 2013


I texted Matt. wondering where our camera card reader was so I could do a little blogging with recent pictures. Unable to find it, I began to make do, pairing old pictures with a non related blog just to tide over any readers who rely heavily on cute pictures of the kids!

In the process of downloading, Matt was able to direct me to a different card reader in our home thus rendering my odd pairing useless. I am really, really trying to tidy up this week and get organized. Today has been met with some progress, but Matt and I are in a weird mode right now. We are trying to save up money to be able to move sometime in the next two years to a larger house that fits what we want more. Because of this we are just trying to make do with the space we have and do not want to rearrange, buy more organization geared furniture, or spend too much on "stuff" solely for this house. So trying to organize within those parameters has been interesting and it feels very much like a patch fix. Which I suppose is the purpose of it all, so success on that front!

This post has now, once again become an odd pairing of writing with random pictures, but here you are. These dresses were bought by Matt's mom for the girls to wear at Easter. I cannot believe how much they have grown! I am looking forward to all three kids matching soon enough!

Hopefully tomorrow brings a better matched post that makes a bit more sense...

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