Monday, December 31, 2012

MacKenzie 37 months


It is amazing what a few months does in the personality and ability of a child. You change more and more with each day and sometimes your Dad and I will think to ourselves, "STOP! This is happening too fast...she shouldn't be able to do that, or say that, or think that."You are a funny little creature and have so many habits that we hope to be able to remember for years down the road.

You are very precise...about everything. You want certain bites of food, you want your hair done it certain ways, you want things called certain names, and God forbid you ever get dirty on someone else's terms. KiKi bought you a few different bath toys to enjoy including bath paint that is also soap...that didn't go so well considering that you screamed like Daddy was torturing you as the paint that Keegan was gleefully spreading everywhere got on you as well as the sides of the bathtub. Bath time is usually a joyful process for you and Keegan to have with Daddy in preparation for bed time, but that night it took several minutes to calm you down and convince you that you were not being hurt, that the paint was in fact, ok. Needless to say, we haven't used the bathtub paints again. You do like the tablets that turn the water different colors and the foam spray as well. I would say that your tendencies to be particular are one way to exercise control and see how much power you have over any given situation, but some things truly bother you in odd ways. KiKi also bought you a Barbie and Ken doll for the bathtub and you freaked out in response to those, we think because they are wearing swimsuits and not clothes. It isn't always drama with your particularities though, sometimes you are just trying to be exact. Lately you will ask us what something is called and if we use a new name for it you will correct us. For example, there is a lot of construction taking place near our house and you will frequently ask about the different equipment being used. If we call something a bulldozer instead of a digger you will say, "Sorry. It's a digger." You can definitely exude some know it all tendencies in your voice when you say that too.

I used to frequently write about your eating habits because when you are a baby that is one of the few things you will do or that changes over the months as you grow. Continuing to write about that will become less and less frequent, but I will note a few things. Your eating pattern is all over the place and it is hard to tell when you will or won't eat. We will make you eat a few bites of food, but we refuse to make eating a battle with you so some of the time you eat very little. You have lately asserted that rice is your favorite food, yet we have had it with some frequence lately and you have eaten it very little. You are definitely a pasta girl and will voraciously attack any plate of pasta, especially if it has tomato sauce and meatballs with it. You prefer spaghetti because you like to twirl it around on your fork. One eating habit that melts Mommy is your preference for ice cream cones. Not the ice cream, just the cone. When Mommy was your age, her Nana and Granddaddy used to take her to the ice cream store and just buy a cone for her. It wasn't because they didn't want me to have ice cream, it was because all I wanted and would eat was the cone. You can imagine the dirty looks they got (and I get) when the grown ups are indulging in delicious ice cream and all the kid gets is a dry cone!

We are surprised with how much you love Baby Johnny. You were indifferent when Keegan came into the picture so we expected as much with Johnny especially considering you don't always play with dolls or seem to be a nurturer. I would venture to say you are somewhat smitten with him because you are always asking about him or want to hold him. I love that you already seem so protective of him and of Keegan. You are a good big sister that balances torturing your younger siblings well with care for them.

You love to be active and to run around, we will sometimes play chase in the front yard before or after going on errands. You also love piggy back rides around the house and "hanging upside down like a fruit bat" in one of our arms. You have started being more silly and jumping and hopping around the house when you are playing just to use up all that extra energy you have. Frequently paired with all of this movement are usually thousands of questions about everything you observe. Sometimes we wonder where you are watching and learning stuff because you ask really good questions. Frequently you will ask us if we are "happy", particularly after you are disciplined or we have to ask you (several times) to do something. We are working on making sure you know that even when we have to get frustrated with you that we still love you and are very happy with you being in our lives.

You are still a little book worm and really love advanced books like The Magic School bus series. In fact you convinced Daddy to read three of them to you in one sitting the other day. Those are very long books for such a little girl to sit through and ask for. We are happy to satisfy your thirst for knowledge in reading these books. We are beginning to work on sounding out simple words with you and showing you that one day you too can read these books. Once that happens, you may not need Mommy and Daddy for much anymore since you can do so many things on your own.

This is only a small measure of all the things we have seen over the last bit of your life, but know that there are so many things you do that make our hearts sing.

We love you,
Mommy and Daddy

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