Tuesday, October 15, 2013

ZooBoo Pics

Outside of the meltdown mentioned last week, we did have a great time at the zoo last week. We are really happy we invested in the family membership and hope we can for years to come. It's the same price as our family going twice in a year, so we have gotten our money's worth already!

MacKenzie loves to see the fish in the aquarium, especially all the fish from Finding Nemo, the eels, and the sharks. She also loves the snakes, bats, "dragons" and lizards, and the sea lions. When we went to see the sea lions, I was pointing over the railing to show the girls where they were swimming, and one jumped up right by us. It was pretty cool to see it up close. Keegan loves all the animals and I think she wishes she could take all of them home with us. I think she really likes the elephants right now, but she also likes the monkeys and giraffes. Johnny just enjoys looking around at anything and I know he enjoyed facing forward in a "big boy" seat in the stroller this go around. 

This go around I know they were enjoying the zooboo stuff and still have remnants of their tattoos on their hands and like to see the little pumpkins they picked out and painted on our table.

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