Sunday, October 27, 2013

MacKenzie at 4


Today you turned four. I still find it hard to believe that we have a four year old, let alone, one of the most brilliant and amazing four year olds that ever was! You have blessed us in the past four years plus 9ish months and we couldn't be happier to be celebrating you!

You are such a funny little girl, you are starting to come out of your shell more, talking to strangers and even speaking on a regular basis to people we know. You are often reserved still, but in a charming way. Frequently you will surprise people with how much you talk and how much you know because people don't get the chance to hear you talk all that much. You have been telling everyone we encounter about your birthday party and how you are almost four. Now you haven't stopped telling people how you are four now. You are very interested in how things work and why things are certain ways. You love science and mechanics. It's interesting to see that side of you developing and maturing. You remember many of the facts that we tell you. I love hearing you repeat things. Just this weekend, you asked us about missionaries and insisted that missionaries were people who need money (which they do). I like that you remembered a key point that they talk about in your Sunday school class.

You are super picky about you eating (for you anyways). You have to have things a certain way, like noodles without sauce, no dip whatsoever except for pancakes, and have certain ways you like sandwiches cut or your plate presented. You love to eat yogurt and bagels for breakfast, hot cheese sandwiches for lunch, and anything involving rice for dinner. We are battling your insistence that you don't need milk so there hasn't been a lot of beverage intake on your part lately. You sleep great at night and wake up your sister (and sometimes Mommy) once it gets light outside. Hopefully you will remember to stay in bed until it's light out once daylight savings time happens this weekend! Sometimes you sleep with your blankies or animals at night, but many times you will lay them out on the changing table next to your bed and not want to snuggle them.

You love to play outside, paint, read, and go to the mall to walk around. Lately you have been telling us that you "Like it hot" when it comes to food and weather. At the mall you love to walk and look into all sorts of different stores, but the Disney store especially, of course. We work really hard to make sure you say "Thank you", "Hello", and "Please" to people that we interact with. Between home and preschool, you are learning a lot. Your letter writing is getting better, you are asking about more words as we walk around, and you are still doing really well on sounding out different words. I like working on your writing skills, tracing stuff, or connecting the dots. We have an animal workbook that we look at a lot, learning about different animals from around the world, discussing geography and climate at the same time. Mommy has to put some of her Masters to good use! While we were preparing for your party, you talked to me a lot about patterns which must be something you learned about at school!

We have had a great year with you, learning more and spending time together. You are a good big sister and a great friend. We love having you as our daughter and are thankful to have you in our lives.

Mommy and Daddy

P.S. This wasn't published on your birthday because you got sick as I was writing it. You had too much sugar and excitement and not enough normalcy and we had to take care of you. It was hard to stay up longer with you after a full day, but it was such a wonderful reminder of the day we were celebrating. You asked me to snuggle with you until you went to bed and I couldn't help but remember being tired and drowsy the night you were born, but not wanting to take my eyes off of you. I loved stroking your fine hair then, and love that there is more of it to stroke now. I am so glad you felt better in the morning, but really didn't mind the chance to be close with you on your special day.

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